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What's Left After the Sale?

When selling your home, the primary question for a seller is, "How much is left over?" Use this online Home Seller Proceeds Calculator to estimate your net after the cost of selling your home.

In calculating the transaction cost percentage, please bear in mind that transaction costs typically include agent commissions, title fees, escrow fees, local transfer taxes, legal fees, and all other miscellaneous charges customarily paid by the seller in your area. These fees typically total 10% of the home selling price, but can vary widely depending on your location.

What's left after the sale?

House Price $
First Loan Balance $
Second Loan Balance $
Other Loans $
Property Taxes Yearly Paid  
Annual Property Taxes $
Estimated Closing Month  
Mortgage Prepayment Penalty $
Sales Commission  
Type of Commission  
Other   %


Costs $

Net Gain $