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Home Improvement Tips: Yard

Add colorful plants or flowers near front door and porch area

Consider re-painting or re-staining a deck if the wood is worn out

Repair damaged, rusty or bent fence; paint or stain if necessary

If you have an awning for the patio, make sure that it is also free of debris and that there are no signs of tear or worn material. Replace if necessary

Keep the firewood neatly stacked

Keep trash area clean and organized

Keep walks, steps and driveway obstacle-free

Mow, trim, fertilize and water lawn

Power wash deck

Prune trees and bushes

Rake fallen leaves

Remove unnecessary items such as gardening equipment

Remove debris and personal items on deck and porch

Remove signs such as Beware of Dog

Remove weeds and dead or dying plants or flowers

Replace welcome mat at the doorway

Re-sod bare spots on lawn

Print Yard Improvements Checklist