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Home Improvement Tips: Clean & De-clutter

Appliances should be cleaned - inside and out

Clean all curtains, drapes and blinds

Clean or purchase new front door accessories

Clean the entryway carefully; it creates the buyers first interior impression of your home

Clean the inside of all kitchen and bathroom cabinets and neatly organize items on shelves

Clean windowsills

Doors should be oiled and squeak-free

Dry clean your drapes

Empty trash cans, recycling bins and ash trays

Ensure all doors, cabinets and drawers can open completely without any blockage

Exterminate any insect problems

Get rid of odors (pet, food)

Have a garage sale before the home is listed

Hire a professional cleaning service, once every few weeks while the house is on the market

If needed, remove clutter by renting off-site storage space

Keep baseboards clean and dusted

Keep bookshelves, entertainment units organized neatly

Keep clothing hung neatly, shoes organized

Keep screens clean and vacuumed

Keep shower curtains fresh and free from mildew

Keep stairways and corridors clear

Make bathrooms sparkle; sinks, toilets and tubs should be immaculate

Make stairwells and corridors clutter-free

Mop and sweep all floors

Organize closets

Polish all interior woodwork

Remove appliances from kitchen counters to give a look of spaciousness

Remove oil spots from garage

Print Clean & De-clutter Improvements Checklist