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Home Improvement Tips: Carpet & Floors

Do not sweep things under a rug or carpet. The carpet or rug should lay flat on the floor

If you have pets hire a professional to deodorize carpets

If needed, replace any worn carpet

If needed, steam clean carpet thoroughly

If needed, install new neutral-colored carpet with a thick padding so prospective buyers feel comfortable as they walk on your floors

Make sure carpets are secure. Stretch and tack down any loose or curling carpet

Make sure the carpets are vacuumed, free of pet hair and combed

If you decide to replace a linoleum floor, choose a neutral color that will have wide appeal

If your home has hardwood floors with room-size rugs, get the hardwood into its best condition with fresh non-slip floor polish or other coating to make it shimmer

Mop and vacuum floors

Replace worn out vent covers

Thoroughly clean linoleum floors in kitchen and bathroom

Print Carpet & Floors Improvements Checklist