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Terms and Conditions:

$150 HomeGain Coupon

Receive up to $150 from HomeGain if you register and use a Real Estate agent referred by HomeGain for your sale or purchase of a home

  1. You must register with HomeGain to request a HomeGain referred real estate agent and during registration enter the required promotion code between November 11, 2010 and December 31, 2020.
  2. HomeGain must receive written confirmation, including a HUD1 form, from the HomeGain-referred agent that you have purchased or sold a home on or before March 31, 2021, and if you are a purchaser, you must have received prior approval of this offer from your lender(s) which approval may be evidenced by disclosure on the HUD-1; and
  3. Home purchase or sale transaction must close on or before March 31, 2021.
  4. HomeGain will pay all eligible recipients within 30 days of HomeGain's receipt of all supporting documentation. Payment may be made via PayPal and may require you to have a PayPal account for payment.
  5. Offer is void where prohibited and all entries must be received prior to December 31, 2020. This offer may be terminated prior to December 31, 2020 however, all entries received prior to termination that are eligible for the promotional payment will be honored on entrant's submission of all supporting documentation.
  6. All entries must be received via the website and are subject to verification.
  7. To enter this promotion you must consent to receive email from HomeGain about this promotion and other HomeGain services.
  8. Promotional payment from HomeGain as a result of this promotion is based on the value of the home sold. If the value of the home sold is less than $75,000 you are not eligible for a promotional payment pursuant to this offer. If the value of the home sold is between $75,000 and $149,999, you are eligible for a promotional payment of $75.00 pursuant to this offer. If the value of the home bought or sold is $150,000 or more, you are eligible for a promotional payment of $150.00 pursuant to this offer.
  9. Individuals who have previously registered with HomeGain for the purchase or sale of property are not eligible. Sellers involved in short-sale transaction are ineligible for this offer.
  10. Unfortunately state laws require that HomeGain users from the following states or properties sold in the following states are not eligible to participate in this promotion: AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MO, MS, OK, OR, TN and NJ (NJ sellers are prohibited but NJ buyers are eligible).