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HomeGain REALTORS® reviews:

"We could not have accomplished our home buying and selling without your patience, guidance and expertise! You were extremely involved throughout this whole process and your communication was phenomenal throughout this entire process. You had it down to the detail, timing the move from our existing home to the new home, I know this is not the norm but it really worked out wonderfully. That was a huge relief we did not have to make two moves. "

--Cathy Cannavo

"I have bought and sold 11 condo/ houses with Harry. Harry is very professional, was able to get asking or above asking price on our sales. Thanks Harry for all you do for our family. Harry you are the Best! 2021 Most recent update List Price: $326,000 Offer accepted Date: 12/17/2020 Offer price $337,000 Backup Offer 12/19/2020 $340,000 Purchased another house Simultaneous closing closed without a "FLAW" 1/29/2021. "

--Melinda Ball

"Harry by far head and shoulders above other agents I have worked with. Compulsive, energetic, a pro, devoted, attentive, and quickly responsive to any issues that arise during the transaction. He went above and beyond facilitating repairs and inspections. As a person, Harry is a breath of fresh air. One thing I appreciated, is that he always seemed to make the other party feel very satisfied as well, even though I felt he maximized my personal gain in the sale. "

--Greg Moore

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