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Since 1999 HomeGain has connected home buyers and sellers with REALTORS(R) nationwide. The reviews below exemplify how HomeGain's marketing solutions work for REALTORS(R) and the benefits for home buyers and sellers who are looking to find a REALTOR®, view homes for sale or to check home values and home prices.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Bill Eiseman

"When I began in 2002 I had 10 transactions in that first year. In six months alone this year I have had 12 transactions. HomeGain has become a tremendous part of my business. It has grown from 22% to 57% of my client base in two years. HomeGain has enabled me to have the leads come to me rather than spending large amounts of ad dollars and countless hours of telephoning blind leads. It is also a terrific accountability tool. The added benefit of the credibility that HomeGain gives me when going into a listing appointment enhances my ability to secure the listings. HomeGain has changed the way I do business. I am their biggest fan!"

— Bill Eiseman, Prudential Decker Realty
     Virginia Beach, VA
Platinum Club Member
Bob Brandt

"I have been using HomeGain services from the beginning. The prospects I get from HomeGain have helped my bottom line immensely. I like that I do not have to go out and chase business by doing mailings and open houses. I just check my computer and there are more prospects waiting for me. I send them the most helpful data and information I can. I have not had any luck with other lead generating services or companies. I have had the pleasure of receiving several thousand prospects through HomeGain. It is a numbers game like most marketing. Thank you, HomeGain!"

— Bob Brandt, RE/MAX
     Suburban, IL
Platinum Club Member

"I am one of the 'original' HomeGain Realtors, having been with them since their inception. I feel quite proud to have reached the Platinum Club Level, especially considering we are currently in a down market. I credit this to solid leads and a great follow up system, along with the many tools that HomeGain provides to grow my business. I hope to have many more successful years in this business with more solid referrals from HomeGain. Thanks very much for allowing me to be part of the success!"

— Karen Killen
     RE/MAX Realtec Group
Platinum Club Member

"I have been extremely pleased with HomeGain since 2002. It is the best value compared to other services that promise a lot, but don't deliver and don't do anything to help enhance the quality of an agent's business. HomeGain is different from the others because it makes an effort to help agents improve their businesses. They provide ongoing help and encouragement. It means a lot. Additionally, HomeGain employees are very kind, cooperative, helpful and work hard to make the customer experience a good one."

— Dan & Evelyn McQuestion
     Crye-Leike, TN
Paul Saperstein

"We signed up for AIMS because we were familiar with HomeGain and wanted more buyer leads. Since signing up our lead pipeline has increased significantly, as has our transaction volume. So far in our first year of subscription to AIMS, we've closed 10 transactions worth $45,000 in commissions. We recognize that it's important to be the first agent to contact the leads, and to keep your name in front of them and offer them a way to search the MLS via your website. AIMS makes this very easy."

— Paul Saperstein, RE/MAX Advantage Plus
     Delray Beach, FL
Mary Opfer

"I have successfully been getting leads from HomeGain for many years now and the quality of the leads is excellent! The confidence the consumer has when meeting for the first time is very rewarding because they actually preview your resume online before you meet. Keep up the good work!"

— Mary Opfer, RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest
     Cary, IL
Platinum Club Member

"We have been with HomeGain since the beginning and have had great success converting home seller prospects. If we get an appointment with the prospect our success rate of getting the listing is high. In previous years our closing ratio has reached the 90% range."

— Sandra McCrary & Robin Brake, RE/MAX Advantage
     McDonough, GA
Platinum Club Member
Linda Stall

"I have been a member of HomeGain since its inception and have found it to be an excellent source of quality leads right from the beginning. Over the years HomeGain has improved and added many tools for agents to use in their lead generation and follow up systems. Many internet lead generation companies have approached me over the years to join but their systems and fee structures do not compare to HomeGain. Thanks for all your help in building my real estate business for the last 10 years!"

— Linda Stall, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, CA
Platinum Club Member
Jacqueline Morgan

"I've been a member of HomeGain since 2006. I'm always trying to find ways to fill the pipeline. Besides referrals from past clients and friends, HomeGain has become another resource to receive leads. In sales, you need to be consistent and stay on top of what works. HomeGain works. It's exposure to potential clients who otherwise would have been lost."

— Jacqueline Morgan, ERA Home &
Family Real Estate, MA
Silver Club Medal
Susan Fritz

"How would I explain HomeGain? It's the backbone of my business... and a resource that I can always count on!! Here is an example - last year was very rough personally for me and I did not work for almost 6 months. During that time I was always given encouragement by my 'friends' at HomeGain.....no pressure just an acknowledgement that when I was ready they would be there to help get my business moving again. AND when I was ready so was good old HomeGain....I'm back to work & I have 3 HomeGain appointments set up for the weekend of the 4th! What can I say - HomeGain is the best, most consistent, and reliable source of Real Estate marketing programs and prospects."

— Susan Fritz, In Touch Realty

"It's a source of home buyer and sellers I would most unlikely be able to reach if I didn't belong to HomeGain."

— Marsha Sell, In Touch Realty

Sheryl Goble

"What I like best about HomeGain is its stated mission of helping consumers find a preferred real estate agent. HomeGain buyers and sellers are looking seriously online to find a realtor. HomeGain and the Internet have helped me supplement my offline business by adding online clients to my database, which inevitably ends up with referrals from those people. The referrals are not always Internet users and therefore add to my offline client list."

— Sheryl Goble, Realty Executives Premiere
     Wheaton, IL
     AgentEvaluator Platinum Club

"I have used many other internet lead generation companies and HomeGain is the best without question! Working with them is always very nice. The quantity and quality of the leads we get are great! I would recommend HomeGain to anyone as it is a very good solid company!"

— Bill Boone, Keller Williams Realty
     AgentEvaluator GoldClub

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