HomeGain Polls and Surveys

HomeGain frequently engages its customers with surveys, seminars and emails in order to stay current with home values and home prices trends. HomeGain uses this feedback and data to make improvements to our marketing solutions and services, and to provide HomeGain Realtors with information that will benefit their businesses.

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2010 Surveys

National Results of the Q4 Realtor Home Values Survey

Q4 Results - Arizona

Q4 Results - California

Q4 Results - Colorado

Q4 Results - Florida

Q4 Results - Georgia

Q4 Results - Illinois

Q4 Results - Massachusetts

Q4 Results - Michigan

Q4 Results - Nevada

Q4 Results - New Jersey

Q4 Results - New York

Q4 Results - North Carolina

Q4 Results - Ohio

Q4 Results - Texas

Q4 Results - Washington

National Results of the Q3 Realtor Home Prices Survey

Q3 Results - Arizona

Q3 Results - California

Q3 Results - Colorado

Q3 Results - Florida

Q3 Results - Georgia

Q3 Results - Illinois

Q3 Results - Massachusetts

Q3 Results - Michigan

Q3 Results - Nevada

Q3 Results - New Jersey

Q3 Results - New York

Q3 Results - North Carolina

Q3 Results - Ohio

Q3 Results - Pennsylvania

Q3 Results - Texas

Q3 Results - Virginia

Q3 Results - Washington

National Results of the Q2 Realtor Home Prices Survey

Q2 Results - Arizona

Q2 Results - California

Q2 Results - Colorado

Q2 Results - Florida

Q2 Results - Georgia

Q2 Results - Illinois

Q2 Results - Maryland

Q2 Results - Massachusetts

Q2 Results - Michigan

Q2 Results - Nevada

Q2 Results - New Jersey

Q2 Results - New York

Q2 Results - North Carolina

Q2 Results - Ohio

Q2 Results - Pennsylvania

Q2 Results - Texas

Q2 Results - Virginia

Q2 Results - Washington

National Results of the Q1 Realtor Home Values Survey

Q1 Results - Arizona

Q1 Results - California

Q1 Results - Colorado

Q1 Results - Florida

Q1 Results - Georgia

Q1 Results - Illinois

Q1 Results - Maryland

Q1 Results - Massachusetts

Q1 Results - Nevada

Q1 Results - New Jersey

Q1 Results - New York

Q1 Results - North Carolina

Q1 Results - Ohio

Q1 Results - Pennsylvania

Q1 Results - Texas

Q1 Results - Virginia

Q1 Results - Washington

2010 Polls


What is your average website lead conversion rate?
June 2010 Poll
Which GREEN home improvements do you recommend?
January 2010 Poll
Weather strip and caulk23%
Replace air filters23%
Programmable thermostats23%
Plant native trees/plants16%
I don't recommend green improvements6%
Green home staging6%
Other answer2%