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The HomeGain Radio episodes are a collection of exclusive audio interviews featuring real estate agents, brokers, professionals, bloggers, and industry experts. Listen in as a variety of important real estate topics, such as home values and home prices trends are discussed.

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Saving Our Clients From Foreclosure (5:15)

September 14, 2009
Andrew Duncan of Keller Williams Realty in Florida shares a remarkable story of how teamwork and dedication helped prevent another home from falling into foreclosure and becoming another statistic.

Confessions of an AgentEvaluator® Diamond Club REALTOR (9:16)

Virginia Cheezum

July 7, 2009
Listen in as Virginia Cheezum of RE/MAX Allegiance in Fairfax, Virginia divulges some of her best tips to becoming a successful real estate agent with HomeGain's AgentEvaluator® program.

The Power of an AgentView Real Estate Blog (8:12)

May 12, 2009
Andrew Duncan of Keller Williams Realty explains how to utilize the AgentView Blog feature to generate more traffic to your website, increase efficiency within your business, and more.

How AgentView Can Expand Your Internet Reach (3:22)

April 29, 2009
Listen in as Brian Kinkade of Cherry Creek Professionals Realty discusses the benefits of the AgentView program and how it has increased his ability to connect with new clients.

Effective Real Estate Team Building Techniques (19:25)

April 15, 2009
In this edition of HomeGain's Winning Agent Calls, Janelle and Eric Boyenga of Intero Real Estate in Silicon Valley in California reveal the do's and don'ts of building a successful real estate team.

Benefits of Being an Eco-Broker (10:05)

Marie Scheuring

April 6, 2009
In this exclusive interview with Marie Scheuring of Keller Williams Realty in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Marie explains how the Eco-Broker designation opens up many new possibilities in the way homes are marketed, and how these new possibilities can attract a new wave of buyers.

HomeGain Radio: Success Secrets of a Multi-Million Dollar Producing REALTOR® (15:48)

Alan Shafran

April 2, 2009
News of Realtor® Alan Shafran exceeding $1 million dollars in gross lifetime commissions from HomeGain's AgentEvaluator marketing program - and being named the #7 real estate agent in the U.S. by Prudential Realty - is announced in this HomeGain Radio segment, hosted by Matt Malmgren.

HomeGain Radio: The Importance of Real Estate Education (5:22)

Jackie Cavada

January 22, 2009
In this edition of HomeGain Radio, Jackie Cavada Lindsay discusses the importance of furthering your real estate education and how HomeGain's marketing programs are great tools to connect with home buyers and sellers over the internet.