3 Simple Steps to Finding the Right REALTOR®

September 14, 2007

Finding the right real estate agent can make your home buying or selling experience more productive, positive and stress-free.

Buying or selling a home takes a great deal of preparation, decision-making, patience, scheduling flexibility, and in many markets, acting quickly - all the ingredients for a potentially stressful experience.

Through years of experience, HomeGain has uncovered that the key to a successful relationship with your real estate agent is a result of following these three simple steps.

  1. Know What Is Important To You
    Take a few minutes to consider what is important to you as you embark on buying or selling your home. Knowing what is important to you will help you make a confident decision on which real estate agent to select.
    • First, understand what your overall objective in this process is. Is speed most important? Or is the right price critical?
    • Second, understand how you want this process to unfold. Is this a process you want to control completely, or do you want someone else making the decisions? Is constant communication important to you or do you require minimal disruption in your busy life?
    • Thirdly, recognize if there are certain credentials or background you expect in your agent. Do you want a top producer, a hard sales person or a methodical project manager? How long has this agent been working or living in this area?
  2. Screen Potential Agents On The Phone Or Via Email
    As you begin your process, you'll gather a handful of potential agents by meeting them at open houses, receiving advertisements at your home, or getting referrals from neighbors or friends. Once you select a few agents you think are potential candidates, contact them in a fashion most comfortable to you and do a screening interview.

    You'll most likely get to know their personality best by speaking to them on the phone. Ask them about their approach in handling new clients. Listen to their communication style and ask about their negotiating skills. If you need to leave a phone message or send an email, keep track of how long it takes for the agent to get back to you.

    Click here for the "Guide to Selecting the Right REALTOR®", which includes a list of questions to ask an agent and printable worksheets to use during your interviews.
  3. Select One Or All Agents To Meet Personally
    Many HomeGain homebuyers and sellers review the "factual" information of the agent proposals, and then after talking on the phone, they can narrow down their selection to just one agent that they meet personally to ensure the "chemistry" is right. During this interview include more detailed questions like whom they recommend getting a mortgage loan from, how many other clients they are currently working with, and about their breadth of knowledge about the areas you are most interested in living.
The end result is that you have done your homework in the most expedient, yet thorough, way on a decision that should ensure you a stress-free relationship and positive outcome.

Using HomeGain to find a REALTOR® is an effective and convenient way to find an agent. Within hours, you'll have complete performance information on several agents in your area that you can compare and contrast, giving you a unique insight into many agents on a short period of time. Then, select a few agents that meet your needs and call or email them.

For more tips on how to find a REALTOR® and get started with your home buying or selling process, visit the HomeGain Resource Center at http://www.homegain.com/info_center.