The Fairmont - San Francisco 950 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

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Fairmont Hotel San Francisco – March 1, 2010 – San Francisco, California

Session Descriptions:

Getting and Getting Rid of Listings

Learn the secrets of becoming a top listing agent, from a widely known and successful Realtor, Russell Shaw of the Russell Shaw Group. Find out what it takes to get more listings and get them sold.

Live Site Reviews – Maximizing Your SEO

Have you ever wanted to ask a Search Engine consultant specifically what the steps are to get your site to the top? The Eric's, Blackwell and Bramlett, will teach the principles of optimizing your site for search by doing reviews of audience members' sites live. If you are looking for specific answers that can teach correct SEO principles, this is for you.

Career Development

How have the roles of real estate agents and brokers shifted over the years and how has it affected consumer expectations and the responsibilities of today’s Realtors? Sherry Chris of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate will highlight key aspects for what she recommends to agents and brokers in gearing up for a successful future in real estate.

Internet Lead Conversion Made Simple

Attend this dynamic session to learn a simple and effective method for converting Internet Leads. A step-by-step process that most Agents can accomplish with the tools they already have, Mitch Ribak will review proven internet best practices in an interactive classroom format. Learn how to boost your visitor-to-client conversion rate through the roof!

Social Networking Trends

Jay Thompson and Patrick Kitano will hit the stage as an energetic duet to share tips and trends for how Realtors can (and should) best utilize social sites. As a real estate broker, Jay will deliver best practices for getting business using sites like Twitter and Facebook. Pat will explore the value of Brand Management and innovative concepts that are sure to capture the attention of real estate professionals.

Energy Efficient Mortgage Financing

Brian Brady will highlight the new mortgage programs which allow for financing for energy efficient improvements.

Real Estate Marketing Trends

What are the hot and not-so-hot marketing trends for Realtors in 2010? Louis Cammarosano will host this panel to discuss a range of pressing issues. Russell Shaw will address offline marketing, including his experience with television ads. Stephen Fells will discuss marketing tools, single properties, and web innovations. Eric Blackwell will hit on trends of search, SEO, Bing and Yahoo. Jay Thompson will answer questions about social media, Facebook and Twitter.

Workshop Descriptions:

AgentEvaluator® Workshop:

AgentEvaluator members will receive an overview of their proposal templates and advice for how to convert more online consumers into clients. Sign up sheet can be found at the registration table on March 1 for 10 minute 1-on-1 slots.

AgentView Workshop:

AgentView members will have a chance to have their blog/profile/features reviewed to receive strategies for how to maximize consumer interaction. Sign up sheet can be found at the registration table on March 1 for 10 minute 1-on-1 slots.

BuyerLink™ Workshop:

BuyerLink members will receive a brief analysis of their website and advice on how to better attract and retain clients. Sign up sheet can be found at the registration table on March 1 for 10 minute 1-on-1 slots.