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HomeGain Products and Services

The services offered by HomeGain offer home buyers and sellers the opportunity to view current home listings, get home prices, choose a top-performing local Realtor®, read valuable articles by top real estate writers, reference a large question/answer database and use other helpful tools. To locate these products, use the navigation icons on the top of any HomeGain page, or click on the choices below.

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"Find a Home" Tool

HomeGain's Find a Home tool allows consumers to search homes available for sale in their local market. In markets where the Home Search Express product is available, consumers can view the most current, complete list of homes available for sale by searching the actual MLS listings, the same listings top local Realtors® use to find homes available for sale. The home listings you view are determined by the personal property search criteria you enter during registration, including the desired price range of the home you would like to buy.

Finding a Top-performing Local Realtor®
When viewing local MLS listings, consumers will see a top local Realtor's® photo at the top of the listings page. This local agent has been recommended by HomeGain as a top-performer who can help consumers find the right home for their unique needs. If you wish, you can contact this agent directly using the contact information supplied next to the agent's photo.

Property Updates via Email
The property search preferences you enter when you register for HomeGain's Home Search Express product are saved with your member information. This allows the top-performing agent that has been assigned to you to send follow-up emails containing new property listings that meet your property search criteria. If you would like to schedule time with the Realtor® to visit one or more of these properties, just click on the "Schedule Showing" link and the agent will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Having a Buyer's Agent Represent You
It is important that consumers who are buying a home are properly represented by their own buyer's agent during the home transaction. This ensures that the agent represents your (and only your) interests during this important transaction. By using the Home Search Express product, HomeGain provides you with the contact information of a top-performing local Realtor who can serve your interests as a buyer.

Narrowing or Changing Your Property Search Criteria
When registering for the Home Search Express product, you will be asked to select property search preferences, including one unique town or community to start your property search and a desired price range. If your home buying preferences change, or you wish to narrow your property search, you can update your search criteria at any time by returning to the Home Search Express product and clicking the "Start a New Search" link at the top of the property results page.

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"Get Home Prices" Home Valuation Tool

HomeGain's Valuation Tool presents recent comparable and nearby home sales for a given property address. It is not an appraisal or a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and cannot be used to replace a professional appraisal. Always consult a licensed appraisal professional or experienced, local Realtor® before contemplating any real estate transaction.

Source of Home Value Data
HomeGain's Valuation Tool relies on public records and other data available in your county. The precision of this data is based on the collection methods and/or regulations applied by your state and county governments. In some states (e.g., Texas and Utah) tax assessor information is not made public by any government agency. In these areas Valuation Tool results are based on other available data.

Natural Limitations of Valuation Tool
The Valuation Tool results are subject to the same limitations as any automated service and cannot replace an actual site inspection by an appraisal professional. For instance, property upgrades or deterioration will not necessarily appear in the Valuation Tool results. Additionally, Valuation Tool results may lag market trends by sixty to ninety days, because of the time delay involved with public record data. Therefore, in market areas experiencing rapid appreciation or depreciation, the tool may not reflect the possible value ranges. Consult a licensed appraisal professional or experienced, local Realtor® to get an appraisal, Comparative Market Analysis or similar report.

Resolving a Valuation Or Description Believed to be Inaccurate
If you have a question about the accuracy of the report please let us know by e-mailing info@homegain.com. Usually, the accuracy of your report is dependent upon the accuracy and timeliness of public information that the valuation tool accesses. You can also check with your local tax assessor to see what information they have on your property. Please realize that updating this information may result in a change in your property tax.

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"Find a Realtor®" Tool

In order to use HomeGain's Find a Realtor® service and selected other site resources, you must register with HomeGain. The Find a Realtor® service enables consumers to get the facts on agents' commission rates, experience, and background to find the right Realtor® for their needs.

My HomeGain Results
The My HomeGain Results is the centerpiece of HomeGain's Find a Realtor® service. From this secure area, you can add and edit all your account information, and review and compare agent proposals. The center will show any active profile you have created and show any service proposals submitted by top-performing local real estate agents.

Account Registration
To register, you must create a member name, select a password and provide an e-mail address for HomeGain communication.

Privacy and Anonymous Postings
HomeGain is serious about protecting the privacy of its members. For more information, please read the Privacy Policy.

When you provide us with personal information in a form on our web site, we will let you know what information will be seen by real estate agents. With some of our services, none of your personal contact information is given to agents, while with other services, agents may receive such information.

Logging Into Your Account
After completing the basic sign-up process, you logged into your My HomeGain Results. HomeGain requires that you log in each time you visit the web site, or after 15 minutes of inactivity on the site, to protect your privacy.

Creating Your Profile
To use the HomeGain matching service and begin to receive proposals from top-performing local agents, you must create a profile. Your profile provides details about you, your desired home or the home you wish to sell, and what real estate services, if any, you are seeking. Some questions (marked with an asterisk) are required in order to provide Realtors® with enough information to respond with a detailed proposal.

Completed profiles are promptly sent to local real estate agents in your neighborhood for their review. Once you have completed a profile, you will be logged into your personal My HomeGain Results, which provides tools and links to manage your information and receive proposals from real estate agents. You also can create additional profiles for additional target properties or homes you wish to sell.

Editing Your Profile
You may edit your profile, change your property's proposal deadline or delete your profile at any time from your My HomeGain Results.

Reviewing Agent Proposals
When an agent responds to your profile with a service proposal, the proposal will be stored in your My HomeGain Results and you will be immediately notified by e-mail. When you log into My HomeGain Results, you will see the new proposal identified with a yellow icon. From My HomeGain Results, you can review and sort service proposals based on a number of criteria.

You can review an agent's proposal by clicking on his/her name. Agent proposals include an agent's license and contact information, years of experience and complete business history for the current and past three years.

A service proposal is not a complete sales presentation, but should be used for identifying those real estate agents with whom you would like to discuss your needs further. It is recommended that you interview 2-3 agents. Any agent you interview should provide you with a more detailed marketing plan and a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of recent sales in your area, or a complete list of homes for sale that meet your selection criteria.

Contacting Agents
To contact a real estate agent, just click on the envelope icon next to the agent's proposal. This will connect you to the agent via e-mail. The contact form you pull up can be used to get more information, schedule an interview or just communicate with the agent. Your return e-mail address will be included in the return line so the agent can email you directly.

Your My HomeGain Results includes links to resources to assist you in interviewing agents and checking their license status and references.

Agents Contacting You
In certain cases, and always with you're your consent, agents may receive your contact information from HomeGain and thus be able to contact you via phone or email. For example, certain contact information is passed to the agent when you use the "Contact This Agent" feature. Also, when you submit a profile to find a Buyers agent, your contact information may be provided to a limited number of agents in your area.

My HomeGain Results Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How will I know when an agent has submitted a new proposal to me?
A: You will receive an e-mail every time a top-performing local agent submits a new proposal. When you are notified of a new proposal, you can view the whole proposal by coming back to the HomeGain Web Site.
Q: How do I view the proposals I receive from agents?
A: When you receive notification of a new proposal you can come back to your My HomeGain Results and view it in its entirety. On the top right navigational area of our home page click Member Log On and then enter your member name and password. The agents who have submitted proposals will be listed in your My HomeGain Results and you can view each proposal by clicking on each agent's name.
Q: How do I respond to a proposal from an agent?
A: If you have viewed a proposal and would like to contact the agent who submitted it, click on the envelope icon following the agent's general information in the last column of your Proposal Inbox. This will allow you to contact the agent directly via e-mail. You can also view the agent's profile by clicking on his/her name. Included in this information is the agent's phone number if you would prefer to contact them by telephone.

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General Questions About HomeGain

Q: What is HomeGain?

A: HomeGain is the first complete online resource to save home buyers and sellers time, money and frustration by offering a complete set of helpful real estate services. HomeGain's Find a Home feature allows you to search the most current, complete list of homes for sale in a local market, while our Home Valuation Tool allows you to estimate the value of your home or a nearby home, or to obtain a professional estimate from a top-performing local Realtor. HomeGain's Find an Agent feature matches home buyers and sellers with real estate agents, saving both parties time and money. HomeGain is the first service to allow home buyers and sellers to choose a qualified, professional real estate agent online by instantly comparing qualifications and proposals from a number of local agents before making a choice.

Q: Why is HomeGain important?

A: There are hundreds of sites on the Internet geared toward the home buying and selling processes, helping real estate agents sell homes and consumers find them. HomeGain was the first site to bring home buyers and sellers and real estate agents together in one place, helping both parties save time, money and frustration in the process. Our other helpful tools allow home buyers and sellers to find local property values and to find a complete, current list of homes for sale in their market.

Q: How Does HomeGain Benefit Home Buyers and Sellers?

A: Research shows that typical home buyers and sellers don't have time to sit through hours of agent presentations, read pages of documentation and sort through advertisement after advertisement when searching for a local Realtor®. That's why nearly two-thirds of consumers interview only one agent. HomeGain helps home buyers and sellers quickly access the essential information about a variety of top-performing local real estate agents from national, regional and local brokerages. Through the service, buyers and sellers can compare and contrast qualifications and proposals from a number of local agents. Consumers will still meet with an agent before making a commitment, but HomeGain allows you to select agents with the qualifications you want in advance of the meeting, dramatically reducing the amount of time involved in the decision process.

Q: Must Agents be Licensed to Use HomeGain?

A: Yes. It's up to the agent, however, to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. HomeGain conducts limited periodic reviews of a representative sample of agent information posted online, which may cover licensing status, agent profiles and business history.

Q: How Does HomeGain Prevent Fraud?

A: HomeGain conducts limited periodic reviews of a representative sample of agent information posted online, including licensing status, agent profiles and business history. HomeGain is concerned about the accuracy of information and takes steps to protect the buyers, sellers and agents on our system. However, HomeGain cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information posted on the site.

Q: How Can Home Buyers and Sellers Know Their Private Information is Secure?

A: Although no web site can guarantee complete security, HomeGain uses state-of-the-art technology to protect your personal information. When an agent signs up on HomeGain, or submits information, all of the data is encrypted for secure delivery. This creates a protected connection between the consumer and HomeGain, over which data can be sent without prying eyes.

Q: What are cookies and how does HomeGain use them?

A: Cookies are used to provide a more personalized browsing experience.
HomeGain uses temporary cookies (also known as session cookies) which are not
stored on your hard drive - they are discarded when you close your browser.
This cookie information is not shared with or used by any third party.
To log in and properly use the HomeGain service, you will need to set your
browser or cookie-blocking application to accept HomeGain cookies.

Please refer to HomeGain's Privacy Policy for complete information on HomeGain's privacy practices.

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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Click here to see HomeGain's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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