Raising Green Awareness Within The Real Estate Community

HomeGain is proud to support the cause of raising earth preservation awareness and green efforts within the real estate community.

The goal of any movement is the collective result — that small changes will make a huge difference. This campaign will provide ideas and inspire Realtors to make changes in the way they conduct business so they may help their clients make eco-friendly choices.

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More than one billion single-use plastic bags are handed to consumers each day in the U.S. and it takes a 15-year-old tree to produce just 700 paper grocery bags. Reusing shopping bags significantly reduces both emissions and waste. Your bag* will be shipped in a 77% recycled fibers package.

Join this action-packed webinar with Green Certified Broker, Green Certified Instructor and Green Licensed Builder, Jeffrey Bastress, of Startpoint Realty. He'll discuss a range of hot eco-real estate issues from being a local GREEN resource, to GREENING your office, to finding GREEN partners, to sending GREEN closing gifts, to setting the GREEN example with your personal choices.

Learn more about Jeffrey Bastress' Earth Day core GREEN designation course offered to REALTORS®.

Join Marie for an insightful and informative session as she talks about how being an eco broker has helped grow her business.

FACT According to a recent report by OraclePoll Research, energy efficiency is the most important feature home buyers want, after price and location.

  1. Provide eco-friendly products to your clients such as moving boxes and encourage them to use Energy Star® compliant appliances.
  2. Learn about tax incentives for green homes.
  3. Give your clients a closing gift that keeps on giving! Order custom gift trees!
  4. Encourage clients to do eco-friendly home improvements.
  5. Become designated by EcoBroker® or NAR®'s green designation courses.
  6. Recycle your electronics.
  7. Be paperless. Use email for thank you's, newsletters, listing alerts, and all other marketing and communications. At the very least, print on recycled paper.
  8. Drive an energy efficient vehicle - or make your current vehicle more eco-friendly. Carpool with clients when home hunting.
  9. Make your office eco friendly or become a virtual agent.
  10. Use eco-stagers for home staging.

"In one study, 83% of Realtors believe that mature trees have a 'strong or moderate impact' on the salability of homes listed for under $150,000; on homes over $250,000, this perception increases to 98%."

— Arbor National Mortgage & American Forests

"Landscaping, especially with trees, can increase property values as much as 20 percent."

— Management Information Services/ICMA

"Healthy, mature trees add an average of 10 percent to a property's value."

— USDA Forest Service

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