FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
Login Questions
How do I change my password?

Leads and Market Area
How do I receive leads?
How are leads distributed?
How do I reply to my new leads?
Why am I getting leads outside of my market area?
Can I change or expand my Market Area?
What if a lead I receive resembles a client of mine?
How many agents am I competing against?

Sending Proposals
How do I submit proposals?
What steps do I take in order to submit proposals?
What do the buyers/sellers actually see when I send my proposal?
How do I know that a proposal I submitted was actually sent?
Can I submit an updated or follow up proposal?
What does "summary proposal read" mean?
What does "full proposal read" mean?

Proposal Templates
What should I include in my proposals to sellers/buyers?
How much information can I type in my Proposal Template?
How do I create a new template?
How do I modify an existing template?
How do I save as a new template?
How do I save over an existing template?
Why isnít my Proposal Template saving?
Where are my saved templates stored?
Can I save multiple Proposal Templates in my account?
Can I delete Proposal Templates?
How do I select my default Templates?
How do I create a link to my website in my proposal?
How do I format the content of my templates/proposals?
What does the star next to the lead mean?

Agent Photo
How do I upload my photo?

Consumer Feedback & Preferred Vendors
Why should I enter Consumer Feedback?
How do I enter Consumer Feedback (my client testimonials)?
What should I include in my Consumer Feedback?
What information will be given to consumers?
Can I show only seller testimonials to sellers and buyer testimonials to buyers?
How do I add in my Preferred Vendors?

Business History
How do I set up or update my Business History?

Contact with a HomeGain Lead
What do I do once I've been contacted by a HomeGain consumer?
How will I be contacted by a HomeGain consumer?
What is the lead status report and how do I use it?
How do I know if a HomeGain prospect has selected another agent?

Lead Management
How do I search for a specific lead?
How did the status of my lead change when I didn't change it?
How do I change my lead status?
How do I remove a lead from a folder?
What do I do if I can't find the appropriate status to update my lead?
What do I do if I can't find a lead?
What are the ways to search for leads using the Search feature?
What if I don't remember the consumer's full name?
If I'm not happy with my search results, how do I perform another search?
How do I search by Profile ID?
How do I search if it is a seller & buyer star?
What does "Consumer reported agent match" mean in the Consumer Contact/Activity folder?
How do I move a lead out of the "Archive" folder?
How long are leads kept in the New Sellers/Buyers folders?
What is the Profile ID?
How do I set Next Action Reminders?
How do you know when a Next Action Reminder has been set?
What is a Lead Status Report?
How do I add contact information to a lead?
How do I report a HomeGain Sale?
How do I report a sale that had a second transaction?
What does "pending" mean?
I'm not receiving lead emails from HomeGain?

Payment Information & Referral Fee
When would I pay a referral fee?
How is the referral fee calculated?
How do I update my credit card information?
How do I review my account history payment information?
What is your tax-id number?
Where do I send my referral payment fee?

Modifying Your Account Information
How do I change my contact or office information?
How do I add my website to my proposals?
How do I change my designations?
How do I change my email address?
Can I add my real estate partner to my account?
How do I change or remove a HomeGain membership?
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